Haiku-A-Day #1955

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Smoking Cigarettes after Noon

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Smoking Cigarettes after Noon

what most call touch
is thistle;
a layer among the layers
silent in the bedrock.
Machine language, 129 more words


Kites (unfinished)

there were kites
and on their ribbons
hung my childhood memories
of flying

there were kites
and in their windswept dances
spun thoughts of days ahead


Behaviors to Speed Trust

Character Based
1. Talk Straight – Communicate so clearly that you cannot be misunderstood. Don’t manipulate people, distort the facts, or leave false impressions.
2. Demonstrate Respect – Be fair, kind, loving, and civil. 293 more words


Wrestling a Story into Submission | House Blog

You know what it’s like when you get an idea for a story and you’re really excited to write it down and bask in the wonder of your genius, but once you start writing you suddenly get stuck and the words don’t sound like they should and the idea’s not really coming across and it isn’t the way you thought it would be and you’re having trouble making that line sound good and you’re not even halfway through but it’s all crumbling in front of you and you don’t know what to do to make it right? 274 more words

Engen Books

Tell The Work ‘Yes’


Work in progress.

I love new projects. I love the excitement of them. I love when fire comes through fingertips as a new thing is being formed. 296 more words

From The Writing Desk

Knuckle: a new collection launching from Pitt Street Poetry

Launching in London, at 49 Great Ormond Street, the oldest house in Bloomsbury, on Thursday 9 July, from 7pm for 7.30pm, with special guest… 63 more words