{No. 311} Day 22: Papa Bird Delivers

It was a rainy morning. Guess who was standing on top of my neighbor’s roof.

Rain or shine, papa bird delivers!

He was waiting for the signal from mama bird to drop off the worm. 51 more words


Parable of the Hen and the Early Worm

Each day before I start blogging, I first look out the door of our small porch to survey my neighborhood and often see my neighbor’s hen. 482 more words


today i learned - sat 22nd july 2017

today i was made aware of something horrific … like, a thing of actual nightmares that totally exists in the real world 🙃. just because this blog is a happy place, i guess 👍🏻. 538 more words

Random Stuff

Shovel-head worm

Ever seen a predatory land planarian?  A worm-looking thing with a shovel head?  I saw one on my porch about 1 week ago……

Worm with shovel-head video



{No. 308} Day 16: Mama Bird is Missing!

When I reached home this evening, I saw papa bird standing on the lawn – frozen. He did not even recognize me when I approached him. 197 more words



World’s heaviest worm weighed an ounce! Wow, that is big! Imagine how much work that worm can do! Well, I wish I had a large worm like that in my worm bin but I am thankful to God that my little guys are prospering. 73 more words

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