Sounds of words

Books and letters
Dyed in the voice
Of the writer

Words are dancing
Carried in echos
Sentences wake up
In the wind of breathed words… 43 more words


The Difference Between "Right" and "Wrong"

This sermon was given by Rev Sue on Wednesday 12 June 2019. You can listen again here:



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numbers 9:15-23

Wenham notices that this part is poetic.

This is what they talk about as they are leaving from Sinai. The cloud of God is their guidance and their protection. 77 more words


Word of Christ of the Last Days | "God Himself, the Unique III: God's Authority (II)" (Excerpt 1)

Almighty God says, “The fates of humanity and of the universe are intimately entwined with the Creator’s sovereignty, inseparably tied to the Creator’s orchestrations; in the end, they cannot be teased apart from the Creator’s authority. 181 more words

Almighty God



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Athulf true knight tomorrow at a pilgrim and have wedded him. 924 more words


Word of the Day




พูดว่า, decir, dis

to say