Beer Travels

Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k operated by Charm City Run offers several 5k training groups. One of the 5k coaches shared that she traveled to races around the country and Canada. 604 more words

Top 2 Wordpress Widgets (& The Worst One)

Widgets are Essentials for major blogs, And websites. Without them you wouldn’t be able too do many things, like:


HOW TO START A BLOG: Choosing Widgets

Hello lovely readers! We’re back again with the series HOW TO START A BLOG. As you all know, we have three other blogs related to this. 932 more words


TouchDesigner | New Features | Bindings

Spring time is lots of things – flowers, holidays, vigorous allergies, and the TouchDesigner Spring Update. For the second year running this is the time of year that features graduate from just being in experimental to being full fledged stable release features. 1,435 more words


Advanced: Add or Edit Widgets

Widgets are those boxes or sections which usually appear to the right or bottom of some websites and are repeated, no matter which page or post you’re on. 305 more words


Android GridView Example

A view that shows items in two-dimensional scrolling grid. The items in the grid come from the Adapter associated with this view.

In this project, we will be using GridView to display the Countries. 256 more words


Defense of Blog

I created a blog on WordPress because there were a lot of things that could be customized to my preferences. It was important to create a logo for my coffee company and have that at the top of the page. 239 more words