The Importance of a well designed web site

Have you ever been aggressively scrolling through a website, clicking on tab after tab just to be led to yet another dead end? In a world that lives online it’s important to have a site for your business, gallery, or shop. 589 more words




CakeDeliver 从2012年开始在大马提供立体手工蛋糕递送平台,是马国国内首个能在线预购蛋糕递送。它也是第一个允许用户在线个性化他们的蛋糕并提供他们的日期和时区的送货服务。现在许多递送平台也都是模仿这样的模式。CakeDeliver 不止保留原有订单更新也加入手机信息更新,因此用户在没有网络时仍可以接收订单更新。

CakeDeliver 拥有多达四五百个不同设计主题蛋糕,当然不是那种换个水果就不同设计的蛋糕。或者换个人偶换个名。
CakeDeliver不仅可以在网上订购。他们还为用户提供移动递送应用程序,这是马来西亚唯一的,以及适用于所有现代手机(包括Apple iOS)的最新渐进式移动应用程序。一切都基于客户体验为主。



Web Site

Reflections 2018 w45

At what point does a task become a chore to be avoided; no matter how small the task?

One could have sworn that one had kept up with the updating of one’s website, however it appears to have been avoided for ten weeks. 192 more words

Day To Day


What are Cookies? 

Cookies are small text files which are stored on a user’s computer (usually within a browser), which hold a small amount of data specific to a particular client and website. 389 more words

Principles Of Coding

New online citation tool on library website

We have received a few comments suggesting that we post a link to “CitationGenerator” on the library’s “how to cite” page.

CitationGenerator is a cloud-based, add-free online citation tool that provides APA, MLA and Chicago citation formats. 20 more words

Web Site

A record (legal) high.

That moment when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

GMWRAG has inevitably suffered along with our members over the past few years of austerity as we’ve seen member organisations and well-respected individual members find themselves on the wrong end of significant cuts and areas of Greater Manchester and indeed the North West of England become advice deserts. 375 more words

Welfare Benefits

Clean Up The Profits

So I had located my first project of the year back in February… Ok, that’s stretching the truth slightly, but allow me to explain… 399 more words