How Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook Plan to Eliminate Flash

After over twenty years serving videos and animations to people over the web, Adobe’s Flash media player is being put to the rest.

Adobe’s decision, … 719 more words


Adobe Plans to Kill the Flash Media Player

It’s an end of an era for Adobe Flash, the software that helped bring online video to the masses in the Internet’s early days but also frustrated people for nearly two decades over its frequent updates and buggy nature. 586 more words


Embark New Tab

The following browsers can use Embark New Tab: Vivaldi, Google Chrome, UC Browser, Qupzilla, Tor, Torch, and Maxthon. These are all Chromium browsers, this new tab extension may work with more browser that I may not know of, and I do know it won’t work on Yandex. 122 more words

Take a Hike: 4 Great Pairs of Hiking Boots for Men and Women Under $100

* Affordable hiking boots that offer style, quality  and durability
* Waterproof, all-weather protection
* Features high-tech design that boasts exceptional support and comfort

With longer days and warmer temperatures, now is the perfect time to take in the fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors. 380 more words

Women's Style

Cốc Cốc browser, the new revolution of web browser

Vietnamese browser Coc Coc takes on Google Chrome

Coc Coc is the second most popular web browser in Vietnam, coming after only Google Chrome, according to data from ComScore. 170 more words

Software Tips

Ecosia: Help Plant trees while you search the web?

29 June 2017 | James Porteous | Ecosia Website

I will admit. It sounds absurd, this claim that you can help raise money to support tree-planting just by using a search engine. 305 more words