Church visitor part 7

Sierra was growing in her faith. Sierra became more and more active in the church. The church became more a part of her life and more a part of her. 849 more words

The Visitor

This little guy made my daughter and I smile today.  It is so awesome that it’s as shiny as a car being waxed! We are blessed with a milder weather today as opposed to yesterday’s 98 degrees. 316 more words


Chicago's Willis Tower SkyDeck Ledge cracks under visitors feet

Visitors to the Willis Tower’s SkyDeck got an extra scare Monday when the attraction’s protective layer covering the glass splintered into thousands of pieces.

The glass sightseeing box extends from the 103rd floor of Willis Tower in Chicago and attracts about 1.5 million visitors each year. 69 more words


About Ghosts

I’ve never seen a ghost. Although I believe they are among us. Much like premonitions hidden within dreams. Now those, I’ve had. Forewarnings that have come to pass, some of which were uncomfortable. 21 more words

Goodbye, Sheldon

It’s not enough to have 5 chickens, a 3-year old puppy, and 3 kids…let’s add turtle to the mix. Yes, a turtle.

Last week was busy enough…what, with my mom having a total knee replacement and running back & forth to the hospital to check on her – a story for another day. 267 more words

Life & Love & Lessons Learned

First official visitor

We had our first official visitor in the new house this past week and as such, I didn’t do any sewing. We took her to our favorite restaurant on the beach, Bummz – twice actually! 168 more words