Fiction Friday: Stranger

The Barn

April Fool’s

A Visit



Rain was dancing. She was always doing that now. She had taken to ballet a lot faster and better than Phil had thought she would. 883 more words

Fiction Friday


While this surprise visitor is being nosy and is a picky eater, she could care less about:

Our home’s condition.

Our religious and political associations. 17 more words



I’m not sure if every thing I do is just unnecessarily difficult or if I somehow make it that way.. Countless times I’ve heard people say, ‘I’ve been doing this for and I’ve never seen/heard this happen.’ My mom always asks why things are always more complicated when I do them. 1,119 more words

Help for the Hearing-Impaired in Nashville

As someone who wears a pair of hearing aids, I know the frustrations of feeling lost or left out while the rest of the world marches on. 170 more words

Places Of Interest

#365DaysOf Happiness Day 12

Monique came over for a visit and treated us to supper at Timmies.

It’s always wonderful having a visit with friends.