Greece holiday warning: Tourists told 'take precautions' as West Nile Virus spreads

Greece holidays are very popular with Britons keen to explore the rich history, stunning landscapes and famous cuisine of the country. However, tourists are being advised to be careful due to an outbreak of mosquito-borne West Nile virus last year when there were 300 cases and 50 Greeks died. 10 more words


Google confirms its Android smartphones infected with a Security Backdoor

Google recently has confirmed the presence of a pre-installed malware in a number of its android devices back in 2017. The malware which had already infected the phones even before they were shipped. 310 more words

The Nipah Movie

Movies are the most popular format of entertainment. So they are meant to be entertaining. Anything short of laughs and thigh slapping guffaws risk being classified as a documentary. 960 more words

Writing Adventure

Largest Animal Disease Outbreak in History

Some are calling the African Swine Fever outbreak, which has spread to China, the largest animal disease outbreak in history.

The disease that is ravaging pig farms in China and other Asian countries has a similar effect on pigs as Ebola has on humans, it causes massive internal bleeding with a very high death rate. 132 more words


Health ALERT: Tourists struck down with chikungunya virus after mosquito bite in Spain

The three tourists of the same family, from Iceland, were in the holiday resort between May 17 to May 31. The trio are the first confirmed cases in Spain. 30 more words