Taco taco taco burrito

Wondering how to get to grips with additive metres?
Awed by the complexities of flamenco palmas?
Despair not, help is at hand!

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Have Western media given up duty of objective reporting?

By Ai Jun Source 2018/12/3

Time magazine recently published an article about Mihrigul Tursun, a Uyghur woman who claimed she came from a Xinjiang vocational training center, and tweeted a video clip of her testimony of alleged torture with tears and sobs. 475 more words

Chicken Feet and Checkpoints. Heading back to China via the Irkeshtam Pass

By Callum Taylor

Around two months ago, Marta and I had finished up our first visit to China where we had crossed the country from south to north. 2,551 more words


Why Xinjiang? Why now?

Guess that is what you get for not reading corporate, state-owned and ‘independent’ media in places like Australia. Within one day after returning, a number of people have been brought me up to speed on what is not merely selective sensationalism in regard to Xinjiang, but what can only be described as wilful misinformation. 1,477 more words


Uyghur, Radil Abla, Rebiya Kadeer

Uyghurs are Turkic people found in countries of Central Asia, but majority of them live in Xinjiang Province of China.

Bring a Turkic ethic group, they consider themselves different from Han Chinese. 384 more words

uyghurs have hope

This drawing was done up after i started digging up more on the xinjiang conflict in china, involving the unjust of millions of uyghurs stuck in concentration camps. 28 more words


Uyghur Newspapers in Republican China: the Emergence of Mass Media in Xinjiang

Freeman, J. L. (2018). Uyghur Newspapers in Republican China: The Emergence of Mass Media in Xinjiang. Xinjiang in the Context of Central Eurasian Transformations, 18, 221-250. PDF