Alright! The elephant in the room. Money. Traveling can be so expensive y’all. We all know that! I’m definitely not blind to that and obviously, I am not an expert so take my advice with a grain of salt but there are so many money saving tips that I have learned and that you can use to save yourself some money while traveling! 399 more words

Definisi Motivasi

  Secara umum definisi atau pengertian motivasi bisa diartikan suatu usaha yang dilakukan seseorang untuk mendorong dalam mencapai tujuannya, baik tujuan baik atau tidak baik.

  Terdapat beberapa definisi motivasi menurut para ahli, di antaranya: 532 more words


Survival: What To Do If You Run Out of Water in the Desert

Every year there are a lot of incidents of hikers running out of water, while out on the Phoenix trails. Typically, these hikers are unprepared visitors who are unknowingly not acclimated to our desert landscape conditions. 211 more words


Tips for Sunrise & Sunset Photos

Here’s the thing about sunrises and sunsets, they are going to happen everyday whether you are their to capture them or not. But when you do capture them it’s what you do with them that make’s an impact. 217 more words


How to deeply connect with your child (podcast)

Get a simple but powerful strategy on how you can deeply connect with your child, learn what matters most to them, and encourage their hearts! (Susan Merrill) 25 more words


My Set-Up for Writing Rough Drafts (How-to, what I use, etc.)

After establishing words goals for my two novels this month, I should get started on writing those rough drafts!

Writing a rough draft is one of the most difficult steps in the writing process, yet it’s also one of the most important because this is where everything begins. 1,929 more words

How To

Anger control for men

Learn how the Christian man can effectively and appropriately deal with anger

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