Post process, is it necessary?

You might be wondering, if the out of camera image is already good, why should I bother with post-process?

While its not “absolutely necessary”, but it definitely make your photo better (if your photo is already good. 480 more words


.: TIPS : Pay It Forward to Yourself :.

I travel a lot for work. It’s actually my favorite part of my job. If I commute to work for two weeks, without a change in direction or route – I get a little anxious. 838 more words


Make Sure Wedding Design Doesn't Destroy You

I started noticing that clients from time to time would become nearly catatonic with indecision about their wedding design. They’d freak out about making the best choice, whether it was using a white flower or an ivory flower – that kind of thing. 531 more words

Wedding Planning

Opening a Bank Account in New Zealand

One of the first steps to obtaining work on a working holiday in New Zealand is to open a bank account. You need a “fully functional bank account” in order to obtain an IRD (tax ID number), which then allows you to find employment. 982 more words

New Zealand

Solid Gold | Manfaat Mentimun Untuk Kecantikan Mata

Manfaat Mentimun Untuk Kecantikan Mata – Solid Gold

SOLID GOLD JAKARTA – Mata merupakan salah satu daya tarik utama yang dimiliki oleh sebagian orang. Oleh karena itu, penting menjaga mata tetap sehat dan cantik. 180 more words

Solid Gold

how to be grittier

1. Purpose

To be a grittier individual, always seek purpose and meaning in what you are doing! There is no point in wandering around aimlessly. Have a purpose in what you are doing (eg. 265 more words


7 steps to being more perseverant

1. Analyse and re-analyse

If you fail, don’t blame it all on yourself. Instead, look at how you had approached it. Recall a moment where you failed to attain your goal.  947 more words