Review: Pineapple Squishy, eBay

Price: $2.99 USD *

Dimensions: 12.5 x 7.5 cm

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This squishy looks like it should be a jumbo squishy, but it isn’t: it tucks neatly into my palm, easily cupped in my hand. 270 more words

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Review: Squeeze Me Squishy, The Reject Shop

Price: $2 AUD.

This is more of an update to a previous review, as The Reject Shop has gotten in a new lot of these mini squishies, both in a select section of characters and as blind bags, for $2 AUD each. 196 more words

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Tutorial: Recycled Squishy Plush

I’ve mentioned in passing that I’ve found it difficult to glue or repaint torn squishies. All my squishy repair jobs have resulted in the new skin of paint developing splits, to the extent that I don’t think it worth the cost of the paint. 536 more words

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Review: Insect Water Ball, Toyworld

Price: 2 for $10 AUD

Dimensions: 7 cm across when slightly flattened.

On paper, this should be an amazing toy: it’s a liquid-filled squishy with soft spikes on the outside, like a puffer ball, and hard plastic toy insects inside the ball. 293 more words

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Review: Jumbo Squishies, Typo

Price: 2 for $10 AUD.

Lemon Squishy Dimensions: 10 x 10 cm.

Peach Squishy Dimensions: 10 x 9.5 x 9 cm.

I’d buy these in-store if you can, … 356 more words

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Wooden Burger set Pretend Play- Great quality Kitchen Toys -Free shipping

Wooden Burger set Pretend Play- Great quality Kitchen Toys -Free shipping

Vendor: MengYin Store
Type: Kitchen Toys

Wooden burger pretend play toy. It is a lovely wooden set that brings the burger bun, meat, and the lettuce and onion. 432 more words