The pearl of Africa

On Sunday morning the day before Christmas I took a SafeBoda from my house to the guesthouse in Muyenga, the area in Kampala, where my parents arrived the night before. 993 more words


Cape Buffalo and the Ox Pecker

Those of you who have followed our blog closely know how much we love animals.  We plan a lot of our travel around seeing animals and we enjoy learning about animals.  294 more words



Recently, I have been trying to get back in touch with my creative dreams. The first step towards doing this is to think back on what you dreamt of doing as a child, the first things that you were excited and passionate about in your life. 2,753 more words

Warthog - The Wild Pig of the African Bush

Warthogs are very sturdy animals and males can weigh over 110 kilograms. They are distinguished by the large, disproportionate ‘warts’ on either side of the head. 35 more words


Dinosaur of the week: Hammerkop

Despite its duck-like look, Scopus umbretta is a wading bird. I saw this one a few years ago in Kruger Park.


Sudan - Not Your Regular Tourist Destination But Well Worth The Trip

I have to admit, my first reaction to visiting Khartoum was a mix of trepidation and curiosity. Frankly, all I knew about the country was that it had been ravaged by war and other inglorious tales that is fodder for mainstream news. 728 more words