White Rhinocerous

The White Rhino is the third largest land mammal. Massive, stocky, and with a reputation of being not quite as aggressive as the Black Rhino. The two distinctive horns are in fact very densely packed fibers, and materially not really horns. 194 more words

Tiger Preservation Station

Take a Trip To The Wild at Myrtle Beach’s Famous Preserve

Endangered species have been under threat for decades due to harmful human activities. While many endangered animals have become extinct, some species cling on desperately. Animal preservation is the cause of protecting the remaining endangered species of our planet. 143 more words


A weekend after a week at Center Parcs

I chilled.

I probably chilled too much because now I ache.

But I felt allowed to chill because I now know that I’m not as unfit as I’d suspected. 1,095 more words


Wired: It's Time To Switch To A Privacy Browser

Wired: It’s Time To Switch To A Privacy Browser. “If you want to push back against online tracking, you’ve got several options to pick from when choosing a default browser. 16 more words

Useful Stuff

Checks on the BucketList

This past weekend so many things were crossed off the bucket list and I’m still not really convinced it was real. I went to an amazing resort and safari at the Garden Route Game Lodge that is just super super amazing. 1,030 more words

South Africa

Africa Adventures: Grace Reflects on Her Journey Thus Far

We have officially passed the two week mark of my time with Africa Media this June. I’ve spent two weeks making friends from around the world, learning new journalistic techniques, practicing my writing skills, and exploring South Africa. 420 more words


Experience of a lifetime

As I mentioned before, we do get some time off every now and then. Even if the first week was quite a rough one with long days and 3h of driving back and worth from Pretoria to Joburg, we decided to take advantage of the long weekend here (Monday is public holiday in South Africa) and head out to the pushes. 1,246 more words