The call of the koel (cuckoo bird)

Have you heard the koel calling? What does it make you feel? I remember as a child returning to India for the summers. That’s when the koel is heard the most- a beautiful high pitched call. 431 more words



Hold on to the people in your life

The ones who give you space to exist in theirs

You get to be part of a myriad of tales… 14 more words


OOP – Oops I did it…AGAIN!?

My heart knows what it wants.

Your eyes see what you had.

God gives what we need.

Your pen tells a tale we couldn’t role play… 137 more words

poem: “sorry you’re not sorry you’re sorry.”

“sorry you’re not sorry you’re sorry.” 

honest intentions
on dishonest collars

– be the man
that doesn’t leave
the good knives in the sink.,
smile at children so they’ll smile… 54 more words



Bitter is my pen,

Bitter is this cup.

We all seek an end,

To the bitter tea that we sup.

But bitterness purges,

And renews and cleans. 77 more words

Always my name

protectors of the forest invite me

from the gates

built of billion year old rocks

with layers of time

we cannot imagine or write of… 24 more words