On Wings

I found myself in the ruins again

a barren landscape, that wasteland of the past

somehow both haunting and familiar 136 more words


The Arctic Desire of Her Heart

seeing the old folks

huddled together


I have wanted to be loved

by you

to carry another

to be merged into your bloodstream

All my time… 46 more words

Count On Me.

I log the hours, minutes,seconds to my soul

Counting, countless moments

All etched in vein , trampled by pulse after pulse after pulse

I can sleep a billion nights and still feel tired… 93 more words


In Grain

Oh how lovely. How liberating.

I change my mind. I can stop.

This love thing has a pause.

My heart has become elastic.


I can stretch it over your face then… 82 more words


It Was Pink

Dear diary,

Yinka said he wanted me dearly.

Every morning, scented dewy roses,

By my door steps lay.

A token for the day.

Dear diary, 25 more words


Another Poem

I am in my mind
You in yours
Enveloped inside
Swirling upside down
Knocking tentatively
To hear the hollow
Of the wall
Where I’ll find the… 6 more words

remember me.

your fingerprints

will last a little longer

than you.
under dining tables

and behind antique vases,

in coat pockets

and on cotton scarves,

coating bookmarked pages, 107 more words