His Song

The beautiful Tiffany Evans

I miss him every song I listen to reminds me of Kelvin; Talk A Good Game is no different it’s a shame I couldn’t admit my feelings the first line of this song sounds like something he would say to me.” You have a good man but you don’t know it” Honestly I didn’t know what I was getting into at first. 176 more words


FiiO Launches M6 Portable High-Resolution Lossless Music Player In India

As Apple takes down the iPod and smartphones rage in as a single piece of device offering multiple functions including capturing photos/videos, listening to music, and many more, the Chinese based audio company FiiO still has its bet on the standalone music players.  213 more words


n7 Music player

There is no dearth of music player apps on android but how many of them are really good well I came with this n7 music player app. 174 more words


I got my first Mini-Disk player in 2003, I remember installing all the software and adding singles downloaded from record labels. When I got my first iPod in 2007 I wrongly assumed that Mini-Disk had gone the way of VHS, but to my surprise, blank Mini-Disks are still being sold in Japan. 64 more words