Dynamics 365 – Quick way to create SQL (staging) table for CRM entity using KingswaySoft and SSIS

Whether you are migrating data from legacy to CRM or integrating with other system, you would be required to create staging tables in SQL DB for data transformation and modeling. 168 more words


Windows 10 warning: Microsoft fans put on alert about sneaky scam

Windows 10 fans are being warned about a new scam that attempts to trick people into handing over usernames and passwords. The latest scam is targeting those that use Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud hosting service. 25 more words


Microsoft is testing a major change to Windows keyboards

Microsoft is apparently considering adding a dedicated Office key to keyboards, and the move is absolutely brilliant if you think about it. Microsoft’s productivity suite is one of the company’s biggest moneymakers, maybe the best collection of apps that has ever been made by the Redmond-based software company. 325 more words


Azure AD B2B Self Service Sign Up

Azure AD B2B (Business to Business) is a convenient tool for many organizations. B2B provides a way to establish trusts between organizations whether this be the many different departments in one company or between unique oganizations. 191 more words


Quantum Computing

I Believe in the Quantum computing, which drives the modern computer age.Leading Technologies include Microsoft,IBM,Google,DWave Systems works on the Quantum Research.I Believe in Quantum computing which can tackle the Climate change,Drug Development,Encryption,Artificial intelligence. 91 more words

Phishing attack lures victims with encrypted message alert

What is it about phishing emails that makes them so enduringly popular with the bad guys?

The standard answer is they exploit fear, alarm and annoyance to persuade users to click on them, which explains the horde of campaigns using fictitious legal threats or warnings about bank accounts to get a foot in the door. 564 more words


Battletoads: the first trailer of the remake was unveiled at E3 2019

At Microsoft’s E3 presentation, a trailer for “Battletoads” was revealed. The original video game came out in 1991 and it was created by Dlala Studios. 209 more words

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