Goodbye, Marge!

Another cat that was lucky enough to be rehomed while I was at home was Marge! I am very happy for her and I know she probably loves her new home with toys and attention whenever she wants it! 121 more words

The Cats

The Simpsons: Frink Gets Testy, Review

This week, Professor Frink gets testy, and delightfully musical!

It’s also the only episode this season where I actually wanted more and didn’t want it to stop. 918 more words

Free Marge Simpson Cross Stitch Pattern The Simpsons and Downsizing Review

Cross stitch pattern of Marge from The Simpsons. Thanks to A. J. Nitro for the sprite. You can read about how disappointed I was with Downsizing below or you could just download this pattern as a PDF here:  1,123 more words


December 11 in history

361 – Julian the Apostate entered Constantinople as sole Emperor of the Roman Empire.

630 – Muhammad led an army of 10,000 to conquer Mecca… 355 more words


Meet Marge!


Marge is one of the cats we have at the rescue, she’s been with us for a couple of months, she lived with Sullivan, but they did not get along very well. 141 more words



“Marge only used her horn for political commentary, and so far it was serving her well.”

Until she was 37, Marge refused to get her driver’s license. 102 more words