Presença Digital, como eu posso usar isso na minha empresa?

Presença digital é o seu negócio na internet!

Com o avanço das mídias sociais, sites e blogs, tornou-se indispensável estar presente nesses locais onde os clientes estão. 115 more words

Where Am I?

Dark events are inevitably connected to the dark side of the internet, a far cry from what Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, intended. 586 more words

Writer's Life

The EU "Link Tax" and "Upload Filter" - Continuing the Dictatorial Reach

If you have followed any of my previous articles concerning the European Union and the European Commission, you’re most assuredly aware of the organization’s ongoing quest for more power and revenue by creating laws and procedures that “punish” companies and conglomerates that have the effrontery to maximize revenue through legal, capitalist business practices. 591 more words



http://It’s been a while, boys and girls but I am very much BACK.

First things first. If you haven’t seen the first Wreck it Ralph, you should. 290 more words



Admitámoslo, en más de alguna ocasión hemos sido los causantes de despertar un complejo en alguien de acuerdo a su imagen. Somos culpables por acomplejar a cuanto individuo se nos ponga en frente, desde la forma en la que viste, hasta la forma en que razona y resuelve sus propios conflictos (los cuales no nos incumben). 370 more words

T-Mobile/Sprint Deal - Lawmakers NOT Convinced - UPDATE

Last week, I posted an article of John Legere and Marcelo Claure testifying before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, regarding the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. And, though both CEO’s handled themselves well, the deal is not out of the woods quite yet. 335 more words


T-Mobile/Sprint Deal - Convince the Lawmakers

You probably remember Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, being grilled by Congressional representatives back in April of this year. That went on for days with the biggest revelation being that members of Congress weren’t exactly on the cutting edge of knowledge, where social media was concerned. 445 more words