There's absolutely no reason to buy this tiny Palm phone now that the Pixel 3a exists

When Google finally unveiled its Pixel 3a smartphone lineup last month, I told you that the phone isn’t supposed to be an iPhone alternative, unless you have a really old iPhone… 338 more words


Google Calendar Down Memes: Best Tweets & Jokes About the Outage

Google Calendar has been down for at least an hour as people are trying to start their workday on Tuesday morning. Now it’s turned into a meme, with some people enjoying the break from all their required appointments, and with others becoming increasingly frustrated about the issues. 774 more words

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Google Calendar Down: Thousands Across the World See 404 & Login Errors

Google Calendar is down for thousands around the world. The outage was first reported around 10:30 a.m. Eastern and has not yet been fully resolved. In fact, now the Hangouts Meet service is also experiencing issues. 496 more words

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Recruit Employees Online Through

Attracting top talent is a challenge for any business. The global talent shortage is a top strategic concern for 63 percent of organizations worldwide, according to… 416 more words


Powerwash Your Chromebooks

It is the summer. It is hot. It was 103’F yesterday at my workplace in the California foothills. The students have gone home for Summer Break, so I have lots of maintenance work to do. 435 more words


New Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL details emerge in fresh leak

The Pixel 4 is no longer a secret after Google confirmed the most recent leaks with a teaser image of its own. We know the phone will have a much better design than its predecessor, and that it’ll sport a multi-lens camera on the back that will look a lot like the iPhone 11’s setup. 352 more words


Quantum Computing

I Believe in the Quantum computing, which drives the modern computer age.Leading Technologies include Microsoft,IBM,Google,DWave Systems works on the Quantum Research.I Believe in Quantum computing which can tackle the Climate change,Drug Development,Encryption,Artificial intelligence. 91 more words