Sketching Ireland #18

A City But Not Really a City Feel

We are now coming into the 8th leg of our itinerary tour (vicarious vacation) of Ireland.

From the Burren National Park Visitor Centre, we worked our way north until we finally hit the N67. 651 more words

Sketching Ireland #17

Cliffs and an Off World Experience

Lately, I have been posting detailed instructions on my route. This stems from my love of maps. In my family, during our cross country days, I was more or less the navigator. 898 more words

ซินเน็คฯ ประกาศคืนเงินลูกค้าหัวเว่ย

ซินเน็คฯ ประกาศคืนเงินลูกค้าหัวเว่ยเต็มจำนวน หากพบปัญหาใช้งานแอปฯ ชั้นนำ Google Play, Gmail, Google Map, Google Gallery, Chrome, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram และ Whatsapp พร้อมให้การรับประกันพิเศษนาน 2 ปีเต็ม  794 more words

Brand DD

Sketching Ireland #16

“Dingle All the Way”

“Dingle Bells… Dingle Bells… Dingle All the Way!”

Well… okay… I am being a little bit corny. But our 6th leg is to the Dingle Peninsula on the western coast of Ireland. 875 more words

Sketching Ireland #15

A lot to see at the Kilarney National Park

Coming into the Kilarney National Park means we have come to the halfway point of our itinerary tour of Ireland. 877 more words

Modern Tribe Events Calendar and Divi Theme

This problem I encountered with a project for a public speaker. I found the Modern Tribe Event Calendar was best for this project. CLICK HERE… 206 more words

Plugin Conflicts

Sketching Ireland #14

A Required Stop for my Sister

Halfway to my 5th leg destination of the Kilarney National Park, I saw a blue sign that said Coolavokig Pottery. 243 more words