Google’s Street View imagery gets facelift in its Google Map

Google is coming with new Google’s Street View imagery from Google Maps to gets Facelift without a human touch but completely with AI technology i.e., Streets with images in Google Map. 25 more words

Need to Schedule a Haircut? You Can Do This on Google

There’s no question that Google (the search site, not the company!) has made life a lot easier for many people. Finding a cake recipe or finding the right route to a particular location with only browser features are already common practice for many people, but the service lead will increase with a newly available option. 139 more words

Rotten Apple (Maps)

It was supposed to take only 40 munites. Instead we spent more than four hours on the road to reach Rothenburg ob der Tauber, thanks to stupid and useless Apple Maps! 859 more words


Property Tax - Part 1

Paying property tax in Egypt is an adventure. You would think that the taxes levied on your property are literally a “state held secret”! You can only get to know about your taxes if you go through all kinds of torture. 952 more words

Where to next?

If you’re like me, you always have a short list of places you want to go or birds you want to find. I would love to hear where you want to go next and what bird, animal or thing do you want to go photograph next? 46 more words

Google Map

Northern Cardinal (female)

I was quite surprised to find a northern cardinal in Hawaii, but alas there she was.  I always enjoy the site, sounds and personality of cardinals; they are so bright and playful.

Sony A55

Common Mynah

Another bird off the 2017 list.  Again, not the greatest photo.

Sony A55