Sparkle Stories

Another wonderful podcast to check out is Sparkle Stories!

Just super sweet, lovely stories. I find the stories to be slower-paced, calmer, and great for… 93 more words

Free: Two of my stories for several days

For several days, starting tonight, two of my stories will be avialable for free download from Amazon.  The offer starts tonight at midnight, not sure if that’s midnight my time or what.  159 more words


Meal Planning 101

Meal planning is one of the most effective ways I’ve found to stay on budget. I try to plan meals for the week every Tuesday, but of course that doesn’t always happen. 286 more words


Simple Linux command like date , df, free, exit

Now that we have learned to type, let’s try a few simple commands. The first one is
date. This command displays the current time and date. 228 more words

Hello hippies? Have room for one more?

So it’s been a crazy few weeks… Fourth of July happened, two death by suicides in my area on the regional rail that I take to work everyday, a week long experience with some serious night terrors from my toddler, along with buying a PSK from Young Living, and booking a Salt Cave appointment on August 5th. 605 more words

Runaway Lupus Runaway

Once, after a particularly horrible argument with my mother when I was all of seven, I packed up the important things in my life and headed out the door. 677 more words


Wolf's Head is completely FREE today!

That’s right, the first book in the Forest Lord series is completely FREE on Kindle today. Get your copy now and find out why this series has sold over 100,000 copies already! 78 more words