Firefox 58 is out - Here is what's new

Mozilla announced that Firefox 58 will be faster than Firefox Quantum, thanks to streaming compilation and a new a two-tiered compiler! The increased speed and performance could help Firefox gain an edge over rival browsers Chrome and Safari.  226 more words


Chrome is Not the Standard

Don’t valorize any of the browser vendors, and don’t act as if any of them is the standard, or a reliable predictor of the future. Instead, value what each brings to the table, but also value the interplay…

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Some useful Firefox extensions

I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox as my default browser since the Quantum release. So far, I am very happy with the performance compared to Google Chrome. 242 more words

The Internet

Firefox Telemetry Use Counters: Over-estimating usage, now fixed

Firefox Telemetry records the usage of certain web features via a mechanism called Use Counters. Essentially, for every document that Firefox loads, we record a “false” if the document… 386 more words


Linux desktop - #SlimJet browser

Mac and Windows don’t do 300-odd versions aka distro’s of their operating systems. With Linux, ever geek has his (sometimes fiercely defended) distro.

It isn’t about you, or even a out the distro. 84 more words

Community Restoration

Palemoon 27.7 is out

, for those that don’t know, and for those who liked Firefox in the past but thought it got overloaded in recent time, is a great browser.  671 more words