On Firefox and its decline

I recently encountered a blog post by a former Firefox insider discussing its declining market share.

When it comes to the important question “why?”, he offers that “Google is aggressively using its monopoly position in Internet services such as Google Mail, Google Calendar and YouTube to advertise Chrome.”—which cannot be more than a part of the truth. 2,797 more words

Mozilla moving Firefox 32Bit users to 64Bit

Mozilla has revealed that 64-bit Firefox will soon become the default build for 64-bit Windows versions. In the near future, users whose PCs fit the hardware requirement will be migrated to Firefox 64-bit automatically with Firefox 56 scheduled to be released on September 26th. 14 more words


Firefox and dark GTK themes

Dark GTK themes can look very strange in firefox, since input widgets are likely to get transformed into dark pits with dark background colors and equally dark foreground fonts. 143 more words

A new update to Firefox Focus to support full screen and download option

Late last year, Mozilla introduced its new browser, Firefox Focus, for iPhone, which is characterized by its high quality. About a month ago, the application was made available on the other Android system. 117 more words


Firefox Theme: Nutella Girl

If you love her in the previous Google Chrome theme, here’s another Nutella girl ready as a Firefox theme. I guess everybody loves Nutella, huh? For me, I’m not really a fan of it since it’s too sweet. 48 more words


Keyboard Savior Xtreme released

Tired of websites trapping your shortcut keys for their own ends? Me too. Usually, the problem is that they take over the Firefox slash-to-search shortcut. But what can we do about it? 181 more words