How to create a BOM for an electronic device or PCB card using openBoM

The days of pure mechanical products are over. With few exceptions, the majority of products today have a bunch of electronic and electromechanical components inside. As a result, BOMs no longer are a simple set of standard and engineering parts ordered or made by a shop. 517 more words


Opus News

Velkommen til Opus news.

På denne blog vil vi fremover give jer nyheder og opdateringer indenfor det danske erhvervsliv. Det kan være nyheder indenfor Ledelse, HR, Psykologi, Strategi og meget andet. 46 more words


#Excel Super Links #109 – shared by David Hager

Import Json to excel and export excel to Json

Excel Magic Trick 1449: DAX Measure % Change MOM & YOY Formulas For Incomplete Years… 56 more words


Storytelling with Data

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I’ve become extremely interested in data analytics and data visualization. When I’m interested in something, I like to learn as much as I can about it. 337 more words


A new Excel dashboard

I have been working on an Excel dashboard for turnover, and recently completed it. As with my other side projects, this one rose out of a need to have complete, accurate, and up-to-date turnover data at my fingertips. 925 more words


Run Your Power Query M Code Procedures in #Excel Worksheet Cells by David Hager

The ability to reuse Power Query M procedures has been for the most part reserved for those capable of purchasing the full-blown Power BI package. Wouldn’t it be great for anyone owning Excel to benefit from a way to store and run M procedures? 510 more words


I am excited to announce my new business: Sequentia Solutions

I am excited to announce that I am starting Sequentia Solutions company to help small business owners. My business will help entrepreneurs grow their business and help them achieve their goals with efficient systems and processes.   375 more words