Never Use this Dumb Technique in Your Emails


I haven’t written about email marketing in a while, so here goes. Earlier today, a reader forwarded a  cold email that illustrates a… 562 more words

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New Episodes Coming February!

Hello Everyone! We have new episodes coming for you in February! We will be discussing topics such as dating, college, faith, and much more!!!! Feel free to watch our new channel intro and follow our blog by either signing up via email or clicking on the follow button if you already have a wordpress account!!! Stay tuned.



I am a 90s baby, and I had a simple childhood as all the 90s babies did. The thing is why have we become so… 472 more words

Slack for Teacher Collaboration

Slack is a tool for teams that aims to simplify communication and collaboration. It’s marketed as a solution to many of the problems inherent in email, and as any teacher knows, school email is a problem very much in need of a solution! 1,356 more words


Amazon Decoded: A Marketing Guide To The Kindle Store is FREE

Let’s Get Digital 3 was announced this week and it is going very well indeed, with 1,000 copies pre-ordered already. The amount of sharing and recommending and tweeting has been spectacular – I’m very grateful to you all. 449 more words

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Dear 22-Year-Olds, There Are a Few Things You Need to Know About Business Emails


The terrible date between Aziz Ansari and “Grace” made the internet go crazy and opened up all kinds of debate over the… 1,182 more words

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AD: Modern Mobile Medicine

  • Client: Modern Mobile Medicine
  • Project: Ad / Digital Flyer
  • Contributed: Concept, Design, Copywriting, Production