How important is it to have a Living Will?

How important is it to have a Living Will?  Under Ohio law, that document directs the termination of life support if two (2) physicians state that you are either terminally ill or permanently unconscious.  29 more words

sleep deprivation ?

I’ve read in a few articles here and there that sleep deprivation can cause many (interesting) effects. such as hallucinations.

Not to exclude many psychological effects. 97 more words


Here I may say a few words concernig those necessary guides. Many men have wished in their hearts they could do without a guide; but it was not possible men have wished they could get some amusement out of him. 534 more words



I come back to this.
Lachlan says some shit.
makes me even wanna read the news.
I should but its Thursday or Friday?

Laminating heaven. 73 more words