Daily UI 20 - Location tracker

I have had a to use the Samsung phone tracker twice myself when I have left my device somewhere. Once it was just at work, but another time I left it in the changing room of a shop. 22 more words


Daily UI 015 On/Off switch

I have been off on holiday and then off with sickness, but am back on deck.. well just about. Hence this lame introduction to challenge number 15 – on/off switches. Here tis.


Daily UI 012 E-Commerce Shop (Single Item)

Trying to make up time here. Cheating really, as I have not had time to design something from scratch.This is a screenshot of a website I used to have. 38 more words


Daily UI 011 flash message

Number 11, but not day 11. Been a bit behind on getting these done. Life gets in the way, but still it’f finished.


Daily UI 010 Social share

The interwebs has allowed us to share like never before. Photos of the most magnificent scenery down to the insignificant…what we had for lunch.

The share function has become integral to websites and social media platforms. 40 more words


Daily UI 009 Music player

I really struggled with this one and am still not particularly happy with the final result. I think I found it intimidating to come up with something new when the big guys (Samsung, Apple have already produced such successful interfaces for their music players.


Daily UI 008 404 page

What would the interwebs be without cats? Hardly anything at all! So I designed my 404 page around this lovely creature.

I found this cat pic royalty free. 13 more words