From Burnside, to the Birds of Prey and back again! Batgirl is getting an overhaul this august. A new creative team and a new costume to boot! 238 more words


Top 10 LGBT Superheroes (done)

The month of June is Pride Month, a celebration of the diversity our society has in a variety of sexual orientations. For far too long Homosexuals, Bi-sexuals, and transgendered individuals have had to struggle for the right to be treated with equality. 1,615 more words


Graphic Novel Review: Mae by Gene Ha

Gene Ha’s upcoming graphic novel, Mae, Vol. 1, showcases Ha’s talent as both a writer and an illustrator.  This story introduces Mae, who follows her long-lost sister, Abbie, into a fantasy realm full of monsters, talking animals, mad scientists, and warring factions of nobles. 306 more words


Another Day

Today is Sunday, and it’s another useless day… unless you are like me, who is about to go to work. Chick-fil-a is closed, and *sigh* there are no more episodes of Steven Universe right now… so what can we do! 342 more words


Biggest Geek Episode 6

I did a digital drawing of Batman and Robin using the iPad app Procreate.


Challenge 2: Day 168: A Walk Through Hell #1 (2018)

COMIC TITLE: A Walk Through Hell #1 (2018)
Garth Ennis- Writer
Goran Sudžuka– Artist
May 16, 2018
Aftershock Comics

I am always in search of new and interesting comics to read for this challenge, it’s what keeps me going. 421 more words