Haiku: A flying question

photo by Pixabay for pexels.com

A question for you

Planes are huge but yet they fly

So why not my car?

copyright Milly Reynolds 2019

Physiology 1

Today I asked the student clinic supervisor whether I could do a short video series on my programme, he agreed so we start this Friday. In this series I will concentrate on single exercise done and reason for it. 30 more words


Another Day...

OK so Friday I had this wonderful post typed out and ready to publish… it didn’t get published, obviously. I thought it was a pretty good post but my computer decided to take a crap and it lost it. 570 more words


First Drive - Lexus ES 250 2019

Invited to Lexus showroom to test drive all new Lexus ES250 seventh generation, it is an executive sedan or some say little brother of flagship LS.

407 more words

Yuki Motor J-Mal Jumbo 700 Black (2019) Exterior and Interior

Yuki Motor J-Mal Jumbo 700 Black (2019) Exterior and Interior
2019 Yuki Motor J-Mal Jumbo 700 all-terrain vehicle seen from outside and inside. The vehicle has 4-stroke, single-cylinder, water-cooled, 675 ccm engine. 133 more words




I felt a lot better when I woke up. A day of rest had done the trick. I was well enough to contemplate a sea swim. 294 more words

Random Thoughts