Make Your Car's Wheels As It Is Designed With Rotary Hydraulic Pump

Wreck-yard is a place, where you can find every one of the spare parts of an vehicle. How much a car or truck gets damaged, several of its parts still remain useful and people are moved to the junkyard; included in this are metal body, roofs and old tyres etc. 473 more words

Wind Shields Protect The Guy Kind Through The Rain, Snow As Well As The Radiations

Wind shields protect the guy kind through the rain, snow as well as the radiations with the sun shine. Wind shields are also positioned in the car to the other purposes like if the driver around the air container of the vehicle and there isn’t any wind shield placed in your vehicle than there is absolutely no use to make about the air conditioner. 388 more words

My driving lesson update

It was my 10th driving lesson today, but today it was just to focus on my Theory Test and Hazard Perception. No driving today.
It was coffee at a place not so far away from where I live and I had a go at my Theory Test, followed by Hazard Perception test, so I could be given tips on how to improve on the Hazard Perception. 213 more words


Mother accused of leaving baby, toddler in car in Greensboro

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A woman is accused of leaving her two children in a car in downtown Greensboro Friday morning.

Greensboro police were called around 8:20 a.m. 117 more words

News Car Exhaust Parts - Journey Through a Walker Exhaust System 2 - YouTube

It is very important to replace worn out exhaust system and its parts for a better Mpg. Walker provides best auto products across north america. … 16 more words

Daily News: Thursday 7/20/17

Ford Certifies First Pursuit-Rated Pick-Up TruckPolice departments across the country have had access to pick-up trucks for various truck-like duties, but when the going got fast, these police trucks had to sit the pursuits out. 200 more words


Sweet Dreams - From Grandma's House to My Own Police Car

Because I am posted in a country where I might contract malaria, I have been given an antimalarial medication called, “Mefloquine”. One of the side effects of this medication is lucid dreaming. 458 more words