june-o what time it is!

After a couple weeks of not posting, Im back! I was cruising on the lazy train and decided to finally hop off.

I finished this month’s journal layout, definitely need it to get my life back on track. 165 more words


Advent Calender

One of the advents calenders I made was for my mother. The first plan was just to give her the tickets to a concert. But that would be boring! 290 more words


How to Balance Work and University

When in school I still have to work part time like most of us do to be able to afford to go. Throughout school I usually try to work on the weekend but sometimes that doesn’t always work so I need to prioritize and the first pick is always school since this is what’s going to lead me to my future career. 98 more words


It’s gonna be May!

…or it already is and this month I’m going to get my life together, so I started a bullet journal. I know store bought planners definitely help but I wanted a creative and customizable option, so I went for the DIY. 197 more words


DIY Calendar

Here’s an easy DIY to help keep you organized in the nicest fashion! The steps are:

Step 1:

You will need a floating frame (size of your choice) and washiest tape (colour of your choice). 112 more words


७३) नवीन वर्ष 

७३) नवीन वर्ष 

नवीन वर्ष दर वर्षीच येते आणि जाते.

काही समस्या सोडवते, काही समस्या ठेवून जाते.

नवीन समस्या निर्माण करून देऊन जाते किंवा

जुन्या समस्येला नवीन स्वरूप देऊन जाते. 26 more words

Spandane Poems

Calendar for Year 2019

Holidays and Observances

1 Jan New Year’s Day
5 Feb Kashmir Day
10 Feb Basant Panchami
21 Mar Holi
21 Mar Dulhandi
23 Mar Pakistan Day… 151 more words