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Digital Scrapbooking

Story of Calendar-2

Let us know about the names given to months

January: A god with two heads known as janus stays at the door step of heaven staring at the past with one head and the future with the other. 424 more words

కాల గణన

Story of Calendar-1

Why should we measure time? When we question ourselves the same we might not be able to find the answer. The root cause for measuring time is because our ancestors identified that time is cyclical in nature. 951 more words

కాల గణన

The Timepiece

Ryan is looking backwards to what he left. Backwards toward the lack of faith, the lack of belief in his wife’s abilities to trust him. He thought she was better than that. 1,106 more words


Calendar Planner Application for Better Time Management

Calendar planner app for entrepreneurs is just like a helping hand which makes them up-to-date on regular basis, for scheduled meetings and appointments. One can set easy reminders in this application and leave all tensions regarding regular follow-up of schedules. 381 more words

AI Personal Assistant

Gamecamp 9

If you’re looking for game-related things to add to your calendar, I recommend Gamecamp.

Gamecamp is an unconference, hosted at and sponsored by London South Bank University. 517 more words

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