A Brief History of Mathcore In Ten Albums

If post-hardcore’s experimentation was an artistic rebellion to its predecessor’s rigidness and ultraviolence, then mathcore was the same mutiny taken one step further. Bands pushed the limits of both heaviness and virtuosity, injecting stronger influences from metal, fusion jazz, and—obviously—math rock. 1,020 more words

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I Woke Up Like This: Botch - “Dali’s Praying Mantis”

I heard We are the Romans first and by the time American Nervoso was on regular rotation “Dali’s Praying Mantis” was “not the Botch I know”, so the track got skipped almost every single time. 101 more words


Bob To The Future: The Undertaker's "Retirement" Match vs Roman Reigns

Great Scott! It’s time for “Cowboy” Bob to go back to the future all the way from the distant past of April, 2017. No, this isn’t… 1,258 more words

The Undertaker furious after botched finish vs Goldberg at WWE SuperShowdown

The Undertaker looked furious after his error-strewn match against Goldberg at WWE SuperShowdown ended with a botched finish. The match between the two wrestling icons in Saudi Arabia was highly anticipated but it failed to deliver as both men made key mistakes with their moves. 220 more words


Careful what you say

This story is about a co-worker at a previous job. I won’t name any real names or the company or describe him in detail, but I will explain the situation, which is most important for this article. 2,073 more words


Amazon How-To: The ASIN

Many thousands of people shop Amazon daily. Did you know that every product at Amazon has a unique identifier? In most stores it’s called an SKU or stock-keeping unit. 1,376 more words


Batista BOTCH: WWE star hilariously falls over during WrestleMania 35 entrance

Batista came to the ring escorted by guards after being drivem to the stage in the back of a 4×4 truck. 
He typically made his fireworks entrance and wowed the fans with the usual pyrotechincs.  22 more words