Apple should somewhat revert to the iOS 10 way of doing split screen

The way that it worked before was perfect. I swipe in from the right and a sidebar comes from the left that brings up a list of apps that supports multitasking. 248 more words


HomePod release date is likely right around the corner as device secures FCC approval

Apple recently received FCC approval for the HomePod, signaling that the company’s highly anticipated smart speaker — which has been delayed for quite a few weeks now — may finally hit store shelves in the near future. 304 more words


Best Tablet for Stocks Monitoring and Video games? 🤓

Okay. Currently I’m using my IPhone 6s and Ipad mini 1 for all my productivity and play stuff. I am planning to buy a more high end tablet to do all my online things. 42 more words


Video Squishy by Dominic Manley gone Free

Video Squishy Video Squishy is a video compression utility. It re-encodes videos recorded by your device into smaller files by reducing their size and/or quality. U… Download via AppZapp

Apple HomePod will be available soon

The Apple HomePod was unveiled during June’16. The market launch was planned for end of year and then early 2018.  The Apple HomePod now gets FCC certification and it will be available in market soon. 63 more words