Architectural masterpieces that are tough to find but worth the trip


Visiting architectural masterpieces by the greats can often feel like a pilgrimage of sorts, especially when they are far away and hard to find. 866 more words


Quality Tertiary Education

We wish this morning to talk about quality tertiary education.  One of the promising recent developments toward quality tertiary education is the new partnership between the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) and the Coordinating Council of Public and Private Educational Associations (COCOPEA). 2,556 more words


[Suman's Pick] Nagaland smart city, easy indoor mapping, India sign bright than China, Map game, 207 Cr. faulty map survey etc.

Smart cities and individual GIS mapping in few parts of India. Nagaland, Odisha are among few on them. A big game over HD map, everyone wants to own some part :). 743 more words


AlphaBay Owner Used Email Address For Both AlphaBay and LinkedIn Profile.

The Register is reporting that Alexandre Cazes, the 25-year-old Canadian running the dark web site #AlphaBay, was using a hotmail address easily connected to him via his Linkdin profile to administer the site. 18 more words

New vending machine standards to address food safety, machine hygiene


SINGAPORE: A standard for vending machine operation was launched on Friday (Jul 21) that is expected to ensure food safety for consumers and provide new entrants to the industry with the industry’s best practices.  434 more words

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